Circuit board with wires and capacitors attached
EET - Electronics Degree Option
Prepare for careers not only in the electronics industry itself but many other areas in modern industry
Motherboard with components attached
EET - Computer Degree Option
Enter an exciting field working with computer hardware & software
A Long, Proud History
Electronics and Computer Technology began at OSU in response to the military's needs in WWII


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"Frequently EET graduates are offered the highest starting salaries within the Engineering College. It is not unusual for EET graduates to be offered the highest starting salaries within the entire University."

"EET provided the education and training to obtain a job where I could begin a career." - Richard Creek

"...I've moved through PC System Administration to UNIX System Administration to major computer project consulting to software development. All of these jobs have been easier, due to my low-level, hands-on exposure. EET majors seem to have a better background and 'feel' for large systems. I have made enormous leaps in my career in just two years. "-Thad Trusler, I.T. Masters