Circuit board with wires and capacitors attached
EET - Electronics Degree Option
Prepare for careers not only in the electronics industry itself but many other areas in modern industry
Motherboard with components attached
EET - Computer Degree Option
Enter an exciting field working with computer hardware & software
A Long, Proud History
Electronics and Computer Technology began at OSU in response to the military's needs in WWII


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"Frequently EET graduates are offered the highest starting salaries within the Engineering College. It is not unusual for EET graduates to be offered the highest starting salaries within the entire University."

"The EET department makes learning the fascinating world of computer systems and electronics interesting. The professors helped out by making themselves available for assistance in their offices outside of class. The most fun and exciting part was the labs that allowed us to build and test real working circuits that demonstrated the theory we learned in class." -Tim Rogers, OSU Senior

"I'd say that EET did an excellent job in preparing me with knowledge and skills of the time. I find that I can regularly converse with our engineers and FAA certification personnel on a much higher technical level than others ET's that I know at work. I really have an edge over our other pilots in working technical issues, problem solving, accurate description of equipment problems, input to new product design process, working with customers, etc." -Barry Brown, Rockwell Collins Avionics