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Oklahoma State University

Computer Option

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The demand for graduates having both computer hardware and software skills is quickly developing as our society recognizes the importance of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  OSU offers three different approaches to this fast-growing field.

Computer Science is primarily concerned with the theoretical and practical methods of storing, processing, and communicating information by means of computers. If you are interested in programming, you may want to take a look at this program.

Management Information Systems is more concerned with developing solutions to business problems using technology. Communication and problem solving skills are a primary focus in this program.

Electrical Engineering Technology-Computer Option prepares graduates for those opportunities in industry requiring considerable knowledge of both computer hardware and software. Graduates are able to put components together and write the code to make it work.

Our program provides the Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology - Computer Option.  To develop the diverse skills that our graduates will need, the program provides a strong foundation of mathematics, science, electronics of computer and  programming.  Related courses in the humanities and social sciences are included to give the graduate an appreciation of the world in which he/she will live and work.

Graduates will have the opportunity to work for many different kinds of industrial concerns. Computer manufacturers, as well as companies that are incorporating computers into their product, are interested in employing our graduates. Others may choose to seek employment in the lucrative field of computer sales and/or software development.

Career Opportunities

  •     Computer Network Administrator
  •     Area Network Manager
  •     Computer Engineer
  •     Programmer
  •     Systems Analyst
  •     Technical Consultant
  •     Technical Training Specialist
  •     Software Engineer
  •     Software and Hardware Design Engineer
  •     Customer Service Engineer