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Oklahoma State University

Program & Students

The Program

Program Emphasis

Use current application information and practices for specific technical problems.

Lecture Emphasis

Apply technical knowledge and techniques to current problems.

Laboratory Courses

Solve practical deign problems and learn evaluation techniques for industrial problems.

Technical Design Emphasis

Develop current design procedures of a complex, but well-established nature, in a specialized technical area.

Further Educational Opportunities

Graduate study in management of business administration is available for qualified students having a bachelor's degree in technology. Graduate study in engineering may require some additional study in undergraduate engineering before starting in the Master of Science program.

The Students

Technical Interest

Relatively specialized, applications oriented, challenged by technical problems.

Technical Capability

Uses technical knowledge to produce products and services.

Typical Beginning Job Positions

Entry-level positions in product design, development and implementation, technical operations, sales, and customer services.

Adaptability to Current Industrial Practices

Often begins assignments using current industrial practices and design procedures learned in school.